Saturday, January 7, 2012

Officially Goofy Race Report III: Disney Kids' Races

After completing Donald, although I didn't have any plans to visit the parks, there were still a few things on the agenda...besides napping!  The next priority after getting back to the hotel, showering, and changing was to take Timmy to the kids' races.  I like giving him the social experience of "playing" with other kiddos, and also hope that involving him in events like these give him a positive view of physical fitness and athletics early in life.  I don't want to be the pushy sports parent, but still really hope that Timmy will find a physical activity of some kind that really gels for him.  One of my biggest desires for him is to learn a healthy lifestyle early on and truly embrace it.  So today's race is just one of those small steps I take to show him that healthy living can be fun and fulfilling.  At first, admittedly, I was a bit worried that my plans for this morning would backfire.  We kept telling him that we were going to take him to the track to "exercise" with Mommy and he was initially putting up some resistance, expressing a strong preference for riding the monorail or playing with the "big phone" (the iPad).  With the promise of a juice box and fruit snacks, as well as some special surprises from Mickey Mouse (the race shirt and medallion) he finally relented and willingly climbed into his car seat to ride over to the venue.

We arrived at the WWoS complex, the race venue, at about ten forty-five, and made the walk from the parking lot over to the track.  It was a bit of a trek, and Timmy kept asking us why we didn't bring his stroller so he "wouldn't get tired."  Bwhahahahaha...yeah, that bodes sooo well for his race, right?  At the fields, the DJ was getting the kids warmed up and the festivities hadn't yet started, so Timmy had plenty of time to buzz around, drink juice, eat snacks, and burn off some steam.  He had been "tired" during the walk over, but thankfully, he seemed to have mustered up some energy from somewhere.  He was flying up and down the track like a little speed demon while we waited for the four to six year old events, the 200 yard dash, to begin.  He even convinced me to run a couple of "laps" with him!  So much for him being too tired to run or reluctant to exercise!

Warming up for the big show!

Photographic proof that I wasn't completely wiped after Donald!  Here I am, doing a quick practice run with him.
We took our time getting lined up, so ended up in the last four to six year old heat.  I asked Timmy if he'd prefer to run alone or with me.  He chose to run with me but, unlike last time, opted not to hold hands.  According to his precise instructions, I was to run in the lane next to him.  But not in his lane!  When our big moment came, he went out flying, but about 100 meters in got tired and slowed way down.  He kept saying he wanted to stop, but I encouraged him along, prompting him to try and finish and do his best.  Finally we made it to the finish line, and he gratefully stopped running and accepted his (adorable!) medallion from a volunteer.  Of course, we posed for some proud finisher's photos after Timmy took an emergency "I'm gonna pee my pants!" potty break!  To which he ran faster than I've ever seen him run!

A strong start
Slowing down but hanging in there!
At the finish...poor guy looks a little rough!  Or maybe it's just because he really, REALLY had to go potty by this point.  And the sixteen year old Timmy is moaning "MO-OM, why are you telling people that?"

Proud RunDisney race finishers!
As we headed back to the car to go get some lunch, Timmy was the quirky kid examining the sewer grates and random holes in walls and whatnot.  You know, while most four year olds are looking for Mickey Mouse or something, Timmy's gaze is fixed on the ground, "What is that for?  Is there water in there?  Where did it come from?  Where is it going?  Why?"  Oh and I could tell you all about his encounter with It's a Small World yesterday, where he didn't look so much at the dolls but at the boat tracks that go off to the side, random doors, the ceiling tiles, pretty much everything that you weren't "supposed" to look at or care about.  His grandpa and dad would be so proud.  Future engineer, I'm thinking. 

Lunch was at Red Lobster, mainly because it's reliable, quiet, and low-key, and we stopped afterwards at the grocery store for a few supplies, and then back to the hotel for a while.  My parents took Timmy to ride the bus to Downtown Disney (to ride the train...and maybe a boat...) and I had thought about going back to the expo to catch one of the speakers and maybe shop a little more.  But I lay down on the bed with the intention of resting for a few minutes, and ended up falling asleep.  For FOUR HOURS!  OMG!  Maybe that half marathon tired me out more than I thought.  Or maybe it was that two hundred meter dash that put me over the edge...

It was kind of a lazy evening, too, even after I woke up.  I grabbed dinner, a "runner's special" of pasta and salad, at the All Star Movies food court, and it wasn't long before I was settling back into the room to lay out my race gear, play on the internet a bit, and then go right back to sleep.  Between my nap and the short night of sleep I'll probably end up with, I might actually get a night's worth of sleep.  We'll see.  Of course, the marathon nerves are definitely kicking in full force now that it's less than twelve hours away.  EEK!  Tomorrow, even though I'm hesitant to admit to it since I know that Goofy's such a physically demanding event, I would love love love to see a PR, even if it's only by a little bit.  I might even be slightly disappointed if it doesn't happen.  And hopefully I'll feel okay once I finish headache, no major aches or pains or illness.  I want to enjoy the rest of my time at Disney, so I honestly hope that it's not spent in bed or in pain.  Anyway, this time tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I'll be GOOFY! 

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